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I will admit to knowing nothing about this film before previewing it, but it covers such a compelling topic I could not resist. China is big. Really big. As such, it contains a huge number of people of a great many ethnicities and in varying stages of “development” as we in the internet age might like to say. Aolugya Aolugya is a documentary by Gu Tao following the Ewenki tribes of the Great Xingan Mountains and their lives herding reindeer through the thick forests of Northern China.

Part of a trilogy, it documents the sad dwindling of ancient hunting practices as the modern age encroaches on the lives of these formerly Siberian nomads. Part of the Chinese Visual Festival, in association with Newcastle University, this is a labour of love from director Tao as he refocuses his father’s original exploration of this ethnic group, having originated from the area himself.  At £5 a ticket, this promises to be a deeply intriguing insight into the lives of people we would never usually have the opportunity to appreciate.

Aolugya, Aolugya screens at the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle with a special Q&A with director Gu Tao on Friday 15th May

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