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Newcastle dreamgaze artist Hannah Robinson drops her latest single, When I Was High, a rocky, atmospheric offering with ethereal, cooly delivered vocals nestled in amongst a dark and expansive soundscape. The track is about falling into a delusion of wanting to feel loved by someone to the point of getting completely absorbed by it.

Here, Hannah tries to sum up the sounds of this latest release, using three songs…

Just Mustard – Still 
Being a huge shoegaze fan, my playlists are currently brimming with dark indie music. Distortion, haunting vocals, unusual chords, and eerie synths are what always gain my attention and have led my own music down this path. ‘Still’ is a perfect example of a ‘spooky’ (yes there’s a playlist on Spotify with this name!) track that I took loads of inspiration from with my latest single. The textures that build up around her vocals are stunning and the warped drum patterns at the start are hypnotic.  

Fontaines DC – Skinty Fia 
When first approaching my producer (Adam Forster @ Old Church Studio) about the new single, this is the track I sent across for reference. Fontaines have grown to be one of my favourite bands of the decade – their ability to develop personality within each album whilst maintaining their signature sound is something I’ve always admired amongst bands. The gnarly drumbeat, monotonous lead vocal and noisy, synth-like guitars all come together to form a melancholic masterpiece.  

swim school – let me inside your head 
Another band who has catapulted their sound into my favourites are swim school. It’s safe to say I had this song on repeat when I first heard it. The gradual build-up until you’re hit with this huge chorus along with all the dreamy backing vocals is exactly the kind of vibe I wanted to go with for ‘When I Was High’. We had the pleasure of supporting swim school at Little Buildings for Independent Venue Week earlier this year! They’re one of my favourite emerging bands and have a huge influence on the music I have yet to release.

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