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Newcastle dream rock/indie artist Hannah Robinson drops her brand new track, I’m Sorry I Let You Down. The track, which discusses anxiety and overthinking, comes complete with ominous-sounding guitars, space-filling synths and melodic, ethereal vocals.

Here, Hannah tells us more about what inspired the song…

Have you ever found yourself awake at unearthly hours, reflecting on your journey and whether you’re on the right path? Do you ever create scenarios in your mind triggered by something as trivial as forgetting to respond to a message earlier that day? Do you frequently catch yourself nitpicking every flaw until you’re convinced you don’t deserve success? Fuelled by exhaustion, anxiety, and a sense of inadequacy, I penned these emotions to paper and wrote ‘I’m Sorry I Let You Down’.

I’ve always drawn inspiration from my own experiences when writing music, but this one felt different. Anxiety is such a universal topic, not confined to my own personal world, so I wanted to create something that resonates more deeply with my listeners. It’s about that relentless struggle when your mind refuses to shut up; that ongoing battle to silence the doubts, but you just can’t seem to defeat them.

I envisioned the song as a dialogue with myself, so I wrote the chorus to symbolise an internal conversation within my consciousness. “I’m So Sorry” serves as an apology to my own being, expressing regret for not being strong enough to rise above the anxious beliefs. The backing vocals emerge like intrusive thoughts, while the guitars and dirty synths build up eerily, intensifying the noise.

We filmed a music video for the track (which will be released in a week) featuring a scene where I’m interrogated in an empty warehouse by my band members. Having someone in your face constantly trying to intimidate you and find answers for things out of your control perfectly captures how I face anxiety. The ending is pretty mad and goes full ‘Kill Bill’ style, I can’t wait to release it.

Over time, my music has embraced quite a distinct shoegaze aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the likes of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, as well as new noise bands like NewDad, Just Mustard, and Swim School, so my guitarist (Neil’s) huge pedal board has stole the show in these next releases we have coming out this year. “I’m Sorry I Let You Down” marks the gateway to a new era, which I’m so excited to shout about!

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