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Over the past twelve months, our magazine and website have been brimming with super-talented, creative souls. We’ve asked a few of them to tell us about their 2019. Next up, is stoner rock outfit Dunes.

So, how was your 2019?
Great thank you, we’ve been fortunate to play loads of great gigs and we released our debut album in September which people seem to have been enjoying loads, it also received some amazing reviews, we were overwhelmed with the response.

What was your best moment?
The album launch gig. It sold out and it was just a great night. Kkett, Creature and Sing Again Syren all played as well and each band turned in an incredible performance and made it a night we’ll remember for a long, long time.

We were also honoured to be part of the tribute night to Aran Glover from We Are Knuckle Dragger which took place in January. It was an incredible night and there was a lot of money raised for charity, people went above and beyond and we were really humbled to be a part of it.

And your worst moment?
Every time that sack of sh!t, novelty prime minister Boris Johnson opened his stupid mouth. That prick needs to get right into the f*cking sea.

Your favourite band/artist of the year?
Torche, cannot get enough of their new album. The Sunn o))) albums have both been on heavy repeat and the new Desert Sessions record is boss.

Your favourite song of the year?
Heavy Strain by Go Go Midgets and Extremes of Consciousness by Torche.

Favourite TV show of the year?
That last series of Game Of Thrones. Notice we said ‘series’ not ‘season’ there? Motherland was great as well.

Your favourite film?
Joker or The Dead Never Die

Best book you read?
Three Women by Lisa Taddeo.

Favourite venue of the year?
Got to give Nemix props for hosting our album launch gig, the sound was top notch.
And Surf Cafe, such a great little venue, Phil Mitchell who runs the Sunday night gigs deserves so much praise, he always puts on great line ups and really looks after the bands.

What was your favourite gig/show of the year?
Got to be the album launch again.

Any upcoming artists we should keep an eye out for in 2020?
TANKENGINE and also Kkett, Jesus, they put on such a great show and are a joy to watch.

And finally, what has next year got in store for you?
Lots, we’re in the middle of booking a load of dates around March and April and May and are in talks with a bunch of festivals. We’re also currently working on and demoing songs for the next album which is likely to be recorded next year.

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