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Who are you?
We are Smack Mammoth, purveyors of drop-tuned confusion nuggets.

What is it you do?
We’re a hard to define 3 piece rock/prog/metal band. We have a HQ in an industrial estate in South Shields where we have been hibernating, writing angsty bangers, and contemplating releasing some music. We recently released our Debut EP, ‘Gates Of Sleep’ on Sapien Records.

How long have you been doing it?
About a year or so. Time flies in the windowless void of Mammoth HQ.

What inspires you?
Musically, we’re inspired/influenced by bands like Deftones, Karnivool and A Perfect Circle. Lyrically, the subject matter is quite varied. The new EP has themes from Veganism to the aftermath of a codeine bender. Adam (drums) draws his main influence from the theme tune to the ITV classic ‘The Bill’

Tell us about your music.
Our songs are a bit neurotic, there are lots of time signatures and tempo changes, and lots of different sections. We tend to eschew the traditional song format and just see what happens. We do love a big chorus though, so we always cut to the chase eventually!

What have you got coming up in the future?
We would dearly love to play some gigs, but since it is pretty much impossible at the minute, we’re going to record another EP, we’ve already made a start on that. Probably another video or two, and definitely some writing. We have some evil sounding riffs knocking about that we need to do something with. 

Where can people find out more about you? and we have a youtube channel with a full playthrough video of the new EP.

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