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In Winter 2020, whilst we were staring forever at Google Docs thinking of what we could add to the first (and ultimately the only) three lines of a novel that we had decided to write in a vain attempt to add worth to the time we had spent in lockdown, Newcastle alt-stoner rock outfit DUNES were writing and recording their new single, This Must Be The Plague. This latest offering is a driving, crunchy, riff-filled rock monster, seemingly birthed in the mechanical womb of a blood and beer coated jukebox situated in the corner of a bikers bar in the mid-seventies, and was released on 5th February via Sapien Records. 

The video that accompanies this release is not out until 12th February but we’re delighted to be getting a first look at it right now, as well as getting a bit more information about this release from the band themselves…

“The track was originally written early 2020 pre-pandemic world. It’s a reflection on the feeling that we’re staring down the complete downfall of society with people becoming more and more polarised and divided day by day. It didn’t feel like there was a way back. Then a pandemic happened. We’re not hopeful, but we’ll at least make some noise and have a drink while the ship goes down. It’s felt like living in a f*cking horror film for the last year, so we thought we’d reflect that in a suitable escapist manner with the video, which was edited by guitarist/singer John Davies.”

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