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Watch the Lights documentary and love letter by filmmaker Alex Ayre to independent wrestling, and those who make it special, in his hometown. Filmed in 2023, it takes viewers into the heart of NORTH wrestling as the company gears up for their biggest show ever, Thunderstruck. It’s an exciting, witty and often touching insight into putting on a professional wrestling show.

The film premiered at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle Upon Tyne on 5th July and will soon be available on NORTH’s Patreon.

Star of Watch The Lights and NORTH Wrestling Champion is Leon Slater. He signed with US wrestling giants TNA last year and is set to defend his championship against friend and former tag team partner, Man Like Deriess at the company’s biggest show, Thunderstruck 2 on 13th July

Here, he tells us about his top five albums…

1. Kendrick Lamarr – TPAB – Kendrick at his best in my opinion. Even after countless listens it still amazes me how Kendrick manages to blend a metaphor and entendre-riddled narrative about the struggles of a young black man from Compton, dealing with his newfound fame over some of the best production I’ve ever heard. Really is an all-time classic album.

2. Tyler, the Creator Call Me If You Get Lost – Quite possibly my favourite album to all time. From the music to the clothes, to the music videos, I like to think that Tyler the Creator creates a whole universe with this album like I’ve never really seen before. It also came out at a very important time for me as I was starting to come up in wrestling and hearing Tyler bragging and having confidence in things he loves, really landed with way more than the typical hip-hop cliches of money, women and drugs.

3. Kendrick Lamarr – DAMN – This is also a very special album to me and is the album that really introduced me to modern rap. Kendrick’s explorations of greed, pride and lust have provided massive help and inspiration for my character development over the course of my North Championship Reign. As well as this, he has some absolute bangers with songs like Loyalty and Humble on this album which are great for pre-match warmups!

4. Tyler, the Creator – IGOR – When I talk about Tyler creating a universe with his albums I don’t think I’d be wrong to say this is his most unique. The 12-song album strayed away from the sounds of Tyler’s previous work but also feels very familiar. I was actually considering using New Magic Wand as my entrance music at last year’s Thunderstruck! Maybe there will be a chance to use it sometime soon…

5. Playboi Carti – Die Lit – Unlike my other picks, Playboi Carti’s Die Lit really has no hidden meanings or messages. I love this album because it’s just fun. I think it’s very easy for me to get caught up in all the stresses, pressures and joys of wrestling. Always thinking of my next move, set of gear or character change. But Die Lit’s fun beats and catchy hooks let me forget about all of that and just be a 19 year old.

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