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When you think of castles you might think of big stoney buildings that are cold and void of vibrancy. This might be true of some castles but not Newcastle Castle, which, as well as giving the city its name, is a central figure (geographically and metaphorically) in Tyneside’s cultural scene.

This Summer the castle will be delivering a fantastic programme of events, which include film screenings, talks and tours, all of which can be enjoyed on comfortable padded banquet chairs in the atmospheric setting of the great hall.

The film screenings feature an array of classics that will transport you back to medieval England and mythical worlds (if sitting in a castle already hadn’t), including Robin Hood Men In Tights (24th June), Kingdom Of Heaven (8th July), Braveheart (15th July), Labyrinth (5th August), Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves (12th August), The Witchfinder General (27th August) and screening of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy in September.

Their will be a range of talks shedding light some light on the darkness of ourselves and our past. These include, Inside The Mind Of Killer Psychopaths (17th June) and Inside The Mind Of Corporate Psychopaths (30th June) hosted by Crime Viral founder and serial killer expert Cheish Merryweather; Gleaming Eyes and Weather-wise: Cats in Northern Folklore (18th June) and Hell Hath no Fury? Anne Armstrong and the Derwent Valley Witchcraft Accusations of 1673 (2nd July) from North-East supernatural and social history expert Katie Liddane; Sanctified with Blood: Conflict and Violence in the Age of the Crusades from Corey Lyddon-Hayes – a trained teacher of history working in museums and Perplexing Plague Peculiarities by history enthusiast Join D.G Fitzgerald, which explores the terrifying Black Death and how it was treated. 

And for those who want to meander around and soak up the history of the building, then there will be the Summer Solstice Tour on 21st June and a Medieval Newcastle Tour every Saturday and Sunday in August.

To book tickets, and for more information, visit the Newcastle Castle website.

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