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Having performed some raucous gigs, supporting both local legends and some of the country’s best up and coming bands (including the infinitely hyped Yak recently), Sunderland five-piece Social Room’s penchant for indie rock with a touch of aggression – in the vein of Britpop heroes Oasis with the synthy sound of The Sunshine Underground – has made them one of the north east’s best under the radar groups. But they might not be a well-kept secret much longer as the band’s unveiling of the Neil Mitchell-directed track to their latest single SR7 might help to tip the balance.

social room 2 2

If you’re thinking that this might be a nice little meditation on the geographical area of County Durham that contains Seaham and Murton, think again. SR7 is actually a belter of a track ruminating on the ups and downs of being away from home and separated from the one you love.

Cameraman Neil Mitchell said: “When Matty (lead singer) came to me asked me to produce the video I was very busy with work and didn’t really have the time, but as soon as he played the song to me and I instantly pictured what the video would look like! That’s the thing with Social Room’s songs, they tell a story. I’ve worked with the lads before and they’re top guys. I love their sound and their songs and I can see big things happening for them in the future.”

Mitchell’s vision for the video wasn’t a typically comforting, clichéd video of coming home to a tight family unit. Instead, we’ve got this wonderfully raunchy little black and white video that contains bubble baths, champagne, skimpy lingerie and some lingering shots that might make you get a bit hot under the collar. Coming home has never been so sexy.

You can watch the video for SR7 below. Find out more about Social Room on their Facebook page.

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