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There’s something about watching horror films in another language, it’s as if the physical abilities of the actors take on a heightened role, and their vocalisations take a back seat, somehow it raises the feeling of suspense. Perhaps the unfamiliarity of the setting plays into a sensation of the unexpected, or maybe it’s something…supernatural?

Whatever it is, the Tyneside Cinema is celebrating global horror with British-made, but Tehran-set thriller Under the Shadow from Friday 30th September. It may depict the Iran-Iraq war, and have strong feminist undertones, but this is a fully bona-fide horror film in the most traditional sense and epitomises the word ‘unmissable’.

To accompany this critically acclaimed scare-fest the Tyneside Cinema have picked out four absolute crackers for us to defecate ourselves watching as part of its release. The prima di orrore is Suprisia, a gory Italian masterpiece akin to an adult version of Roald Dahl’s Witches, but featuring an American ballet student rather than a little boy.  This is followed by Eyes Without A Face, which is entirely as creepy as it sounds and will have you squirming in your seat. A B&W classic, the tale of an obsessed plastic surgeon is as contemporary now as it was in 1959.

Daisan wa (3rd is…) Ringu, not Pingu.  You may know it as The Ring, but we all know it as probably the most haunting and disturbing film to come out of Japan.  If you haven’t seen it, you may want to get rid of those old VHSs, actually, you’ll probably dump your TV following this stonewall classic. Finally, the Scandi (original) version of Let The Right One In, which is arguably the best Vampire movie of all time. For a horror film it is astonishingly heart-warming, as long as you are comfortable with a lot of blood and don’t plan on going swimming for a while after. We may only be entering autumn, but if Christmas can come early, why can’t Halloween?  Pop your waterproof trousers on, get along to the Tyneside and get the festivities started early.

World of Horror Season is Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle from Friday 30th September until Friday 21st October.

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