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Work. The thing that gets you up at 6.30am, that gives you self-worth or takes time away from pursuing your dreams. However much you love or hate it, it is an ever changing concept that is essential to the functioning of our civilisation and to understand our history and the future something that must be examined.

Thankfully, Side Cinema, Newcastle will be thinking about work in all its various forms throughout July & August as part of their Work and Workers season. Using the Amber archives (a film & photography collective founded in 1968, focusing on documenting the working class in North East England) as a starting point and collaborating with North-East Film archive, they’ll be showing films that look at workers in the region and across the globe, as well as displaying images from various photographers in the gallery.

The films that will be shown include Shipbuilding/Shipbreaking on Thursday 11th July (7pm) which looks at the history of shipbuilding on Tyneside and The End Of Work on Thursday 18th July, a series of short films from the collections of the North East Film Archive and Amber that documents the last days of a workplace, a process or an industry. Then on Thursday 25th July In Fading Light ,an Amber drama set in the declining North Shields fishing industry, for which Amber bought and ran a 63 foot anchor seine netter, and local fishermen auditioned and trained the actors

Kicking off August (Thursday 1st August) is Selling Work But Who Is Buying, a collaboration with the North East Film Archive and series of short films that reflect both the idealised, capitalised representation of industry and work in contrast with the AMBER ‘Trigger Tapes’ which articulated the need for collective action. They’re followed by Free Lunch Society on Thursday 8th August that looks at the future of work, the idea of Universal Basic Income and how people could potentially be liberated from the capitalist work model and finishing things off on Thursday 15th August is a showing of Alexander Dovzhenko’s Zvenigora, one of the masterpieces of early Soviet silent cinema, with a live score.

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