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Do you need to relax and reflect over something a little more cerebral this summer? Have a hankering for challenging compositions that wash over you and numb and heighten your senses at the same time? Although not a name on everybody’s lips, Suzuki Junzo‘s your man. With a back catalogue of releases that bring together folk, blues, psychedelia and drone, the Japanese multi-instrumentalist is coming to Newcastle’s Bar Loco on Monday 20th June and bringing his e-bow and effects pedals with him.

New album Shark Infested Custard is like the warped soundtrack to a peyote-fuelled vision-quest; it’s almost as if you can feel the desert sand under your feet and see the vultures circling above your head. His sprawling soundscapes feature almost tribal drumming and repetitive blues jangles, interspersed with shimmering and wailing guitar work that will have punters dreaming serenely over their craft ales and transporting them to other, more captivating worlds.

Definitely not an experience to be missed.

Suzuki Junzo performs at Bar Loco on Monday 20th June.


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