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Togo born disabled artist, Robert Falshau who has been described as “the Togolese Picasso”, will be exhibiting his first UK exhibition until Friday 14 February at ARC, Stockton ARC.

Born in Lomé, Togo in 1969, Robert Falshau is a self-taught artist who discovered his talent for painting and drawing at a young age. Due to the poor educational opportunities within Togo he took it upon himself to learn the techniques of some of the great artists, which resulted in his own unique and brilliant style that combines ideas of abstract and reality

The artist was introduced to ARC by his Togo-born friend, Hilaire Agnama, a talented drummer who performed at their 2017 Refugee Week celebration and who now lives in the Teesside area. They met through a mutual friend who told Hilaire about Roberts dream of building an art school for disabled children. A dream he hopes to turn into a reality by donating proceeds from the sale of his art that is on display.


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