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Image: Lis Rhodes, Light Reading, 1978 courtesy of LUX

“It is dangerous to step out of line, and lethal not to” is one of artist and feminist filmmaker Lis Rhodes’ most famous quotes. From the co-founding of feminist film distribution network Circles, to her insistence that her work is a social function rather than isolated practice, stepping out of line has defined her career.

It is this extraordinary career which will be celebrated and showcased on Thursday 12th December at Tyneside Cinema in a screening of Rhodes’ influential films, which pioneered avant-garde film in Britain. There will also be readings of her texts, which deal with contemporary social and political issues, such as the current refugee crisis.

Introduced by Maria Palacios Cruz, the evening will celebrate the publication of Telling Invents Told, a collection of Rhodes’ writings. The artist Kathryn Elkin will also be present, as well as Irene Aristizabal, who curated Rhodes’ work at Nottingham Contemporary.

Rhodes has always insisted that she wants her audience to “reconsider film as a medium of communication and presentation of image, language and sound.”, and her radical and controversial films are sure to challenge, inspire and confront the audience.

Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle host work by Lis Rhodes on Thursday 12th December


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