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In a unique series of screenings for Tyneside CinemaDivine Trash are putting together four unique cult movies, all carefully curated by Lady Annabella for four phenomenal (and free) showings of films that don’t get a chance to be viewed on the big screen often enough. With the first screening Rollerball, setting the tone, the films are filled with just the right blend of glamour, trash and far out music continue weekly on Mondays, with the next screening The Craft, on Monday 14th March.

The supernatural high-school melodrama is just the right mix of gothic, creepy and funny; and with a spellbinding cast, this 90s classic of girls messing with witchcraft hasn’t lost any of its charm. Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, and Rachel True make up the quartet of ladies drawn to the dark arts, and plenty of people should be drawn along to watch this cinematic classic too.

With the last remaining two films giving you the chance to see Kurt Russell attempt to escape a mystical battle in Chinatown in Big Trouble In Little China on Monday 21st March; and on Monday 28th March, we see Dustin Hoffman caught under the seductive spell of Ann Margaret in The Graduate. It’s a wonderful selection of movies, with a bit of everything, and the screenings are sure to be a hit.

Free Cult Films run weekly on Mondays at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, with the Craft on Monday 14th March through to The Graduate on Monday 28th March.

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