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Once, I had the temerity to use an ampersand in an academic essay. Just the once. But I got a big black mark against it, with a note to only use the written “and” instead. What’s wrong with the ampersand? It’s got a very appealing look and it cuts down on unnecessary space. Of all the pieces of punctuation invented, it’s probably the most accessible and easy-to-use objects. It’s about time we embraced the ampersand in all its curvy glory.

Donna Barkess – graphic designer, senior lecturer and typographer – will be exploring how the oft-maligned piece of punctuation has stood the test of time against its written counterpart. From company logos to artistic pieces, the ampersand has become an all-pervasive and recognisable piece of typography, its versatility and appealing graphic style making it favourable amongst designers looking to make a statement. This exhibition will be displaying national and international responses to the ampersand, with works ranging from hand-built drawing machines, letterpress experimentations and calligraphy all on display. Keep that shift and number seven keys ready – the ampersand isn’t going anywhere soon.

And Per Se And comes to the Design Centre Gallery at Sunderland University from Friday 23rd October until Wednesday 18th November.

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