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Teesside rock ‘n’ rollers, Dossers, are gearing themselves up for Munro Festival on Saturday 1st July. Here, the band tell us about the inspiration behind their latest single, Man At The Bar…

Two years ago, myself (Baxter) and Pollard started Dossers. We were unsure about the direction we wanted to go musically, we experimented with different sounds yet struggled to find a fit. Both angry and negatively affected by the way our country is ran and the state of the world in general we discovered post-punk and anti-establishment bands such as Idles, Slaves, etc. we quickly decided we wanted to follow a similar route.

Aaron and Ell Smith joined the band and we began finding our sound. With everyone bringing ideas to the table we quickly built a catalog of songs we were super happy with.

At a practice, whilst messing about, we came up with Man At The Bar. We collectively decided that we would release it as our debut single, as we all worked on it equally.

I won’t lie, I wrote the lyrics in about ten minutes. It’s a fun song with a sexy undertone. It’s basically about myself having fake confidence when trying to flirt with someone that I find attractive. The choppy riffs and pulsating rhythm were intended to imitate the rising heartbeat when being involved in a flirtatious exchange.

Unlike some of our other songs, man at the bar doesn’t have a particularly meaningful message. It’s simply a fun song that we love playing and thought it would be a good starting point to test the water. 

After a wicked experience working with @lunkoofficial and @stigmagroup_ we’ve decided that next on the Dossers agenda will be a four-song EP that will contain some of our harder-hitting tracks and is sure to blow heads completely off shoulders.

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