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Hollie Carmen is a London-born and raised pop-orientated, soulful singer-songwriter. Ahead of her performance at Munro Festival on Saturday 1st July Hollie tries to encapsulate her sound using three songs.

Billy Ocean – Love Really Hurts Without You 

When you first think of this song, you think ‘feel good, sing-along banger!’ When you take a closer listen, lyrically it’s about heartbreak, deception and pain. The juxtaposition is awesome. The groove and the entire feel of the production is something I strive to bring into my own music. If I could have written any song, it would be this one. 

Jon Batise – Freedom

WHAT A TUNE! From the second it starts playing, I immediately feel like the funnest and coolest version of myself. Groovy melodies, incredible production, it’s so funky it should be illegal. My single “Take you Back” which comes out later in the year, was written the same week that I had this song constantly on repeat! 

Arctic Monkeys – Snap Out Of It

I love everything Alex Turner creates, he is a massive inspiration of mine. Much like everything Alex Turner writes, this song is full of raw, conversational and bold lyrics. It’s dark, it’s light and everything in between. The drums hit perfectly, the vocal delivery is seamless, and it’s a timeless banger. 

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