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Newcastle three piece No Teeth opened the night and dove straight into full on, heavily distorted, grunge energy. With a lo-fi, tribal drumming style and native bass lines they hauled the packed room through a thirty minute set which encapsulated the power of grunge, and the audience responded in kind. With lyrics that cut to the bone of social apathy and indifference, their set proved that grunge satire is growing more intelligent.
London based quartet Goat Girl brought feminine power up from the south. The combined riff-driven feminist indie with rich bass sound and intense drumming verged on the knee-swinging punk side of the indie spectrum, using a jaunty guitar style that is both intoxicating and challenging to listen to. They embodied the punk ethos, shedding all the paraphernalia of crowd interaction between songs, and kept the adrenaline high.
Main act YAK drove the pit into glorious madness, thanks to seductive riffs which crescendo in chaos and stage diving. The bass bounced and dove with a high clarity which encouraged a healthy and intense pit. At times the bass peaks were deafening, submersing the dancers in grunge euphoria. Their encore gave Newcastle one last experience of the powerful phat fuzz guitar and pounding drums that is making YAK a true contender amongst the heavyweights.

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