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Image by Idene Roozbayani

There are not too many artists around today that can appeal to a broad sub cultural demographic. And yet here I am; amongst metal heads, indie kids, the older generation and everyone else that loves the musical output of one Danny Kiranos, otherwise known to the world as Amigo the Devil.

On stage for an hour playing songs from his album Everything Is Fine and his wider back catalogue all by himself, he had the audience mesmerised from the outset; singing along, joining in with stamps and hand claps and chiming in to the always witty stage banter.

Stand out tracks of the night included the awesome sing along of Hell & You, the Jeffery Dahmer-inspired Dahmer Does Hollywood, the epic If I’m Crazy and album opener Cocaine & Able, a song written, we got told, after a long lapse into depression and the misery that waking up every day feeling exhausted brings.

Tonight’s gig might possibly be the gig of the year. A sentiment shared by many attendees on social media in its aftermath.

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