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Bare Roots are a band who understand rock ‘n’ roll. They understand the entertainment value, the importance of song and stage craft, as well as the sonic impact the music has on people. They are informed by the genre’s history as well, as their environment, to create music that’s expressive and anthemic. This is demonstrated in the Newcastle quartet’s second single, Away Too Long (released 19th April) – filled with big choruses, heavy drums and hooks and riffs aplenty, it’s a track from a band who want us to fall back in love with guitar driven music.
With this latest release and a couple of high profile regional gigs on the horizon we talked to guitarist/vocalist Anthony Francis to see what it is that makes the band tick.
Sum up your new single Away Too Long in one line.
Influenced by tracks such as Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac, Away Too Long is our version of a big anthemic heartbreak rock tune. 
How did the band come together?
Myself, Martin and Joe met as school kids. We started playing together early on and a few years ago decided to start this project! We got Ollie involved who we knew from the local area and Bob’s your uncle! We’ve just played our first shows and we’re excited to see what the rest of the year brings. 
Describe your creative process when writing songs.
The skeleton of the track is often written by myself, by that I mean the chords, the general structure and the vocal ideas, but there has been occasions where other members bring an idea to the table and we just roll with it and every member has their input. At the moment we’re really enjoying having members bring songs to the whole band and then trying to get as creative as possible with the extra parts! Just the other day we were jamming a new track and Martin, although he’s our drummer, was playing the piano. We were just doing what felt natural and the track was feeling great!
How has ‘hailing from the working-class suburbs of Newcastle upon Tyne’ shaped your sound?
I think our sound is fairly modest. None of us as band members or as people are flash or are part of a current trend. I think being so far from the London bubble has had a great effect on us and other musicians from the area. I’d like to think that being from here has allowed us to just do whatever we want to do instead of trying to follow a crowd in the hope of success or whatever…
You’re playing Hit The North and This Is Tomorrow Festival in early May. What can people expect from you live?
We like to put on a varied show. There’ll be acoustic performances, loud rocky tracks, and guest appearances. Live shows should be entertaining and as a rock band, we want to bring something young rock fans might not have seen before.
Catch Bare Roots perform at Hit The North Festival on 5th may or This Is Tomorrow Festival on 24th May.

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