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Who are you?
We are Vice Killer, a four-piece indie/alternative band from County-Durham. Consisting of Thomas Gilling lead vocals/guitar, James Langan lead guitarist, Jack Langan on bass and Lewis Muir on drums. 

What is it you do?
We create indie music with emotive lyrics and melodic guitar work, we try to produce a dramatic and raw sound within our music.

How long have you been doing it?
The band have all been involved in music and fans of different music for years, James and Lewis have both studied music and Jack is also in a band called Great Waves. Thomas has provided vocals with artists in the past but mostly spent time as a lyricist and composer of songs. As a band, we have only been together for 4 months and already set foot in the studio.  

What inspires you?
We are all inspired by our parent’s music, especially James and Jack being brothers. It has motivated them to learn music from a young age.  The local area has always been a massive inspiration to us, being able to write music that might relate to someone here would be a success in itself. The art of storytelling and the harsh truths of life have inspired us lyrically, artists who we all look up to have guided us through different stages of life and we hope to do the same for others. 

Tell us about your work/music.
The music has evolved very quickly over the last months, we follow a similar process for almost every song we create, Thomas writes words and stories for potential songs and then begins to compose the melody, James will then write a lead guitar for the music, Jack and Lewis will work on the song during practice sessions which can often change the whole direction of the sound. There are elements of punk, soul and indie, with James providing melodic lead guitar riffs, Jack and Lewis founding the gritty and powerful sound of the band. 

What have you got coming up in the future?
The big aim for next year is to begin live shows around the North-East, supporting other artists and hopefully doing our own gigs for the new music we release. The 4th of December is the release for our debut single ‘Commonplace’ that will be available on all streaming platforms. During the pandemic we have been working on an EP, the music we write now will eventually go into the recording studio. The debut EP will be recorded and released during the spring of 2021. 

Where can people find out more about you?
People can find more about us on…
Instagram: @vice.killer
Twitter: @ViceKillerBand 

We are also on Apple music, Spotify and Soundcloud. The debut Single ‘Commonplace’ will be available to stream on these platforms from the 4th of December.

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