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Who you gonna call?

One of the other ways I keep food on my table (I say table, I scranned a double McDonalds in bed today, I have no shame about this) is managing the events that happen at the glorious Newcastle Castle.

Actually, quick aside before that, but I eat double food quite a lot. I live alone now too, so I’ve invented a flat mate, not for loneliness reasons or anything like that, but just so when I’m taking a double takeaway home, I can talk about Alison (oh aye, she’s called Alison) being a greedy bugger for when taxi drivers inevitably start asking too many questions. Also, I always, without fail (as I did today) shout “food’s here” when the takeaway arrives so I look like less of a fat slob than I am. Further also, since I’ve invented a flatmate, said invented Alison has this dreadful habit of sneaking in my room when I’ve passed out drunk and being sick in my bin. Dirty Alison.

So, Newcastle Castle…We’ve been screening some amazing films lately and have more to come, but one thing that’s been very interesting is people wanting to bring kids to some very odd choices in films. They’re all rated PG, so it’s fine legally (yeah BBFC, the Council etc, we’re good boys and girls) but it’s fascinating the films that young children love.

We had Ghostbusters on this week, and a few people wanted to bring really young children to a film where Dan Ackroyd gets a blozza off a ghost. What it sort of cemented is that children just ignore the things that don’t interest them. Offence isn’t for the young, they just focus on the things they enjoy.

I watched loads of grown up films when I was younger too. I remember finding it bizarre that I could have toys of films I wasn’t really allowed to watch too (Robocop, Terminator etc) as I’m pretty sure they were all 18s. I did watch them though, as I’m a bad ass. I also haven’t let them influence me at all, as I’m still yet to time travel or, y’kna, be a copper of any sort, robot or otherwise.

The only time I’ve witnessed films like that be influential without a kid realising was when we watched Short Circuit, and Raymond Lindsay called one of the dinner ladies a “snowblower” and got suspended. That was funny.

What’s interesting though is that grownups love to whinge about things they don’t like, or to take offence. Why not just concentrate on the bits you do like about something, because the bits you don’t like, you may well not understand fully anyway or probably aren’t for you.

I feel like I should be turning this into a better analogy than it is, so I guess, what I’m trying to say is if a 5 year old wants to watch Bill Murray play a man who turns up to dates with enough Thorazine in his pocket to knock a woman out, that’s apparently fine, because Slimer is pretty funny.

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And completely unrelated, but John Mulaney is great and this is fantastic.

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