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Experimental music project SID BANO are spreading some much needed festive joy (in their own special way) by releasing Chocolate Orange, a Christmas song and a commentary on class that Charles Dickens would have been proud of. The track is accompanied by a swish, orange-tinted music video and we’re delighted to get an exclusive look at. 

The band, who have multiple influences that they keep secret, contrast melodic songs alongside songs which attack the human psyche on every level. They are also very efficient, as this single was written, recorded and filmed in less than a week.

Here, Sid Bano tells us more about the project and their latest release…

“SID bano (SB) is not a construct of your imagination. SB is a construct of my imagination. It has evolved into a three piece collaborative entity, hence the use of #IAMNOTSIDBANO. 

SB does not enjoy listing bands as influences because listeners do this themselves automatically. There is a deliberate duality to SB’s sound which gives SB greater freedom when composing. In Chocolate Orange another person contributed, but wishes to remain anonymous.

‘Chocolate Orange’ is about Christmas in Britain. The lyrics focus largely on our Queen. SB believes the constructs of Britain’s society are archaic and contribute to inequality. Although the Queen, as a person, is not to blame for the deep inequality within Britain’s society, she is a pivotal figurehead who could trigger societal changes but has chosen not to.”

The film is produced by North-East artist film production outlet known only as SLEEP/PARALYSIS who said this about the project, “I genuinely felt that it was essential to help visualise this important Christmas message. The song encapsulates pretty much everything I feel about this time of year.”

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