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Newcastle’s alt-rock juggernaut, Sleeptape, release their brand new two-track EP, or a double A-side as my dad would call it, entitled Lullaby. They’ll be launching it with a show at The Cluny tonight (1st November) before doing a run of dates around the North-East and beyond.

The first track, which the EP takes its name from, opens all raw, with an unhinged vocal sitting on a bass riff reminiscent of an early The Cribs track. The eighties tinged guitar spider that creeps around the song’s exterior, offers some texture and pleasant uneasiness that captures your attention as the song’s intensity shifts from fatherly tenderness to the lock screaming potency of Wee Willie Winkie. 

At 2:26 it feels like a nice Spotify and radio-friendly length but I could have easily had another 20-second slice of that instrumental ferocity that closes the track, maybe with an added sprinkle of the vocal that rears its head at the end of the chorus drizzled all over it. But that’s just me being greedy.

The second track, Failures, is a much rockier affair with a driving rhythm that takes your hand and leads you to the dark snarling beast of the chorus riff. The language is edgier in tone and searching in nature, with bold philosophical statements of immortality and failed legacies that could adorn any mug or t-shirt their merchandise stall could, and should, stock. A dirty lyric-driven middle-eight would have really added an extra slab of sexiness to the song but the roadhousey, drive time guitar solo at the end, leaves you screeching off into the sunset with satisfaction in your eyes.

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