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Alternative rockers SLEEPTAPE are an exciting new band, and with new single Midnight out today, we caught up with the quartet to find out what inspired the new release.

When we formed this band, the initial premise was to create ambient influenced, reverb driven, rock music. Combining our love for both large sounding, anthemic Rock bands such as Lower Than Atlantis and more melodically driven Indie bands like Foals & Everything Everything. This is a territory that we believe is quite unique and not many artists have truly explored. In our music, especially Midnight, these different elements manifest themselves quite naturally, with our verses utilizing melodic, dance driven guitar lines and our chorus’s bringing big volume and screaming distortion. Combining our influences and creating music like this feels perfectly natural to us, therefore we use this as our baseline formula during the writing process.

For us, the song writing process has always been entirely organic. Just four people in a room playing music together, it’s as simple as that. As soon as we’re plugged in we just let the jams take over and see what comes out of it. When we find a part that jumps out or excites us, we’ll keep that going and build the song around that. We normally tend to have a rough outline of the instrumental written in no more than 15/20 minutes. Then Johnny will record it on his phone and listen on repeat in his car, and that’s where the vast majority of our lyrical content comes from, driving to and from our practice room. Over time we’ll tweak both of these elements until we find a point where we’re all happy with it.

The process for writing Midnight was pretty much this exact formula. We’re all very primal in what excites us when it comes to playing music. As long as we stick with driving, fist pumping drum grooves and screaming, reverb laden guitars, we’ll be happy. These two elements, when combined, radiate energy and that’s the prime drive for us. And we can safely say that Midnight perfectly encapsulates this concept and shapes our sound and identity as musicians.

Lyrically, the song talks about looking for self-validation or self-gratification through going out drinking and enabling the darker sides of a persona, projecting a false over-confident version of yourself.  We want to present the idea that using night – out culture/binge drinking as a front to mask your own insecurities and doubts isn’t a healthy coping mechanism. We’d also be very interested to hear what different meanings our listeners gather from it, and how they connect with it.

We’re really excited to embark on our first nationwide mini – tour, starting on the 29th March; we’ll be playing in Middlesbrough, London, Sheffield & ending it with our biggest hometown headline show in Newcastle. Releasing the track and getting the opportunity showcase a new and rawer direction for the band, is what we’re most looking forward to over the next weeks. And of course our shows have been getting progressively wilder over the past year so we’d like to personally guarantee that these will be our craziest, most fun shows to date and we can’t wait to get out there and give it our best in 2019.

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