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White Legs are a three-piece post-punk band from Sunderland featuring members of established acts such as This Aint Vegas, B>E>A>K, Coal Train & The Lake Poets.

Their latest musical offering is the four-track EP, Wicked Witch. It’s a Wicked Witch that is not filled with blatant, overt darkness like Margret Hamilton’s Wicked Witch of The West in The Wizard Of Oz, but the type where the sinister elements lie just under the surface like Anjelica Houston’s Grand High Witch in the film interpretation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches.  

The first track from which the EP takes its name, channels dark and slightly discordant harmonies with spellbinding indie riffs, to create a bubbling brew that finishes with a satisfying intensity. This is followed by the potent On Your Terms, a song that uses fulgurating guitar necromancy and shouty chants to resurrect the likes of early Joy Division and The Cult. 

Next up, the rockier, Wish List will have you swapping your broomstick for a motorcycle and your cape for a leather jacket, as the crunchy guitar riff provides a warm, roadside rest stop for the spirit of desire to retreat from the worn-down open road.

Finishing the EP with intent is New Bridges, a pounding pleasure which pounces at you with purpose as the unsettling scurry of guitar encircles your senses. Had the Sisters Of Mercy grew up supporting the black cats of Sunderland, then this is what it might have sounded like.

When I was a child a shadowy figure would stand in the corner of my room. At first, I found it unsettling, then, after time, intriguing and in the end its whispers would offer great comfort and wisdom. I would summarise this EP in a similar fashion.

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