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Newcastle University kicks off the Spring programme of their INSIGHTS Virtual Lectures this week. They are free and open to all with an aim to inform, stimulate, entertain, and excite. The speakers in each lecture are leaders in their field and all have something of special interest to convey.

The first lecture starts on Thursday 10th February with a special lecture from palaeoanthropologist, evolutionary biologist and stand-up comic, Ella Al-Shamahi, to mark Darwin Day entitled The handshake: a gripping history… and a biological one.

Next up (on Friday 18th February), Curator and Founder of The Museum of Transology, E-J Scott gives a LGBTQ+ History Month Lecture. 

Other highlights include Shakespeare as a sound artist on Thursday 10th March by Bruce R. Smith, a Dean’s Professor of English and Theatre at the University of Southern California and author of seven books on Shakespeare, which looks at how Shakespeare turned the Globe and the Blackfriars theatres in London into acoustic environments.

On Monday 14th March, Professor quantum physicist and author Jim Al-Khalili discusses The Joy Of Science for British Science Week. University of Nottingham’s Professor Edmund Copeland looks at the state of our universe’ on Tuesday 26th April. On Tuesday 10th May, Katy Roelich, Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds, asks what if people, not technology, are the answer to the climate crisis? On Tuesday 17th May, The Rt Hon Justine Greening, former Minister for Women and Equalities, talks about how levelling up is also an economic and political necessity and how this presents a chance to fundamentally redefine the UK.

For links to watch these lectures and information about the full programme of events, click here.

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