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Image: Still from Song for Armageddon (2017) by Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson

Tel Megiddo, located in northern Israel, is said to have seen more battles than any other place in the world. That might be why its original name – Armageddon – tends to take on a somewhat dystopian meaning.

Shot on location, this thrilling visual exhibition consists of a video by artists Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson, who have been known to dabble in stark themes such as faith and national identity.

Their work engages with the curious location to express not only a rich history of ancient trade links and seemingly constant conflict, but confusion as to why the name itself has now become synonymous with the end of the world.

17 minutes in length, it features a plethora of grand landscapes and chilling – yet disconcertingly human – scenes. These powerful visuals are brought together with a vocal performance from singer Faye Shapiro.

The artists, who both hail from towns in Greater Manchester, claim that the work on display is “a chance to return to the source of ‘end times’ iconography”, citing the dark, looming world presence of Putin and Trump as a ghastly inspiration.

But be careful not to miss this beguiling marvel – on show for just four days, Song for Armageddon will take place at the BALTIC between Thursday 21st and Sunday 24th of September.



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