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In the lead up to the fourth anniversary of Prince’s death (which is today – 21st April), synthy solo project School Of Language (aka David Brewis of Field Music), has been thinking a lot about the influential musician along with his writing and recording techniques. This has resulted in a tribute EP entitled I Could Have Loved U Better, a collection not of cover songs but songs inspired by Prince as David himself explains: 

“I couldn’t bring myself to cover his songs. I love the complete package – the playing and the production and the imperfections – just too much to tinker with. But I thought that maybe I could keep myself on the level by writing my own Prince songs. Maybe a little batch which would have been left in the vault back in ’81 because they sounded “too Prince” and he’d already moved on. So this is my little tribute.”

The opening track, Wasting Your Time, with its synthy rhythms and soulful falsetto vocal could have easily been written by The High Priest Of Pop himself, the pulsating It Doesn’t Matter Anyway will have you donning your purple jacket and heeled boots as you do splits in the front room and with closing track, My Heart Is Upside Down, you get the faintest whiff of Purple Rain.

The EP feels fresh and fun with a style and charm that captures the essence of the iconic artist and it is a wonderful homage that can be enjoyed by fans of Prince or those who want a little bit of soulful, electro vibrance in their life. For David, it was a great experience and an enjoyable passion project:

 “It’s a little bit silly, I’ll admit. But I made these little lockdown songs with a great deal of love, to repay a great deal of inspiration. And I had a lot of fun doing it.”


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