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North-East music maker Marq Electronica drops his brand new EP, Apoidea, via Buzzin’ Records Limited. The tracks are written and produced by the artist himself and mastered by Harbourmaster.

The first song Lifting My Soul is a synth-fuelled floor-filler all about the way someone special can lift you through challenging times. The second track, World Keeps On Turning is a dancey and euphoric 90s house number with a serious message about our neglect of the planet and the need to change.

Here, Marq Electronica tells us about the inspiration behind the EP…

I wrote the songs late last year ready to release them in 2024 after a short break, but was approached by Buzzila at Buzzin’ Records Limited and we discussed releasing both of them as an EP this December.

Lifting My Soul was born out of my battles with anxiety and depression after the death of my father and a catalogue of pretty horrible stuff since then. However, amongst all the trauma there was my music and the amazing support of my partner and of course our insane dog. That’s why the song has the Yin and Yang of my current life a serious topic delivered in a light upbeat dance track.

The World Keeps Turning is inspired by the awful state of our world from the news of our polluted waterways and lack of any real commitment from the big guns when it comes to Net Zero to the wars and infighting. I’m often embarrassed to be British when I see the bigotry and hate that’s being fostered by our government.  I  know this is my personal view but it’s an insane world and this track is all about my exasperation and feelings of helplessness. The epic piano and drums just add to the drama of the track. ( I hope!)

We are hoping to release the EP on CD soon in HMV Newcastle. I have a number of tracks I am still due to release and a few I’m hoping to record next year hopefully more with Buzzin.

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