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Rich Hall is one of those comedians who seems to defy logic. If somebody asked me if I wanted to go and see a gruff American complain about stuff and then play country music while continuing to complain about stuff, I’d bite their head off. If they asked me if I wanted to go and see Rich Hall I’d bite their hand off.

The appendage in danger depends fully on the wit and intelligence of Montana’s favourite son (well, after Evel Knievel) who, despite living in the UK for great swathes of the past 20-odd years, retains an Americanness on the opposite end of the lovable scale to Donald Trump. He is unique in his ability to marry pure unadulterated hickory hickery with unimpeachably British deadpan observational comedy in a way that neither denies his roots nor alienates his audience.

Heading to Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre & Opera House on Thursday 29th September, his observations are not of the ‘remember how we used to butter toast’ variety, but more of the deep-cutting political nature that leaves the audience in no doubt which way his toast is…buttered. Besides his comedic talent, the guy is a serious musician, or at least his uncle Otis Lee Crenshaw is…

Rich Hall plays Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle on Thursday 29th September.


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