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Woe betide anyone who has had to deal with a poor PowerPoint presentation. Oh wait – that’s pretty much everyone on the planet by this point. From dodgy university lecturers charging nine grand a year to read from the slides, borderline unbearable team building exercises delivered through misplaced PowerPoint transitions, or having to build the damn thing yourself for some school project in an underfunded IT lesson, slideshow presentations have become an unavoidable fact of modern life. That is, until Dave Gorman got his hands on a projector.

He’s already demonstrated his love and fascination with the software on Dave (the channel)’s Modern Life Is Good(ish), and now you can see for yourself, live on stage at Tyne Theatre & Opera House and Middlesbrough Town Hall, just how effective a PowerPoint can be when in the right hands. With a love for focussing on life’s most mundane aspects, from what the red bit in a Finish dishwasher tab actually is (spoiler: it is not a red Smartie) to music choices on daytime home auction TV shows (Andrew WK’s Party Hard does not an appropriate soundtrack for a kitchen refurb make), it’s anyone’s guess what seemingly innocuous aspect of the human experience will get analysed with microscopic detail. Expect to be confused, yet weirdly educated.

Dave Gorman: PowerPoint To The People is at Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle on Thursday 10th and Middlesbrough Town Hall on Friday 11th November.

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