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There’s no such thing as a fish. You might be thinking that statement is a load of codswallop (sorry), but for anyone who is an avid QI fan, it might also ring a bell. As the popular panel show dedicated an episode to hoaxes, they came across the conclusions of biologist Stephen Jay Gould who, after a whole lifetime studying the aquatic creatures, concluded that they didn’t exist. It henceforth became the name of the weekly (and enormously successful) podcast from the researchers behind the show, better known as the QI Elves.

The No Such Thing As A Fish team will be bringing their new live show, In No Particular Order, to Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre & Opera House on Saturday 16th March. Featuring a live, unedited and unscripted version of their podcast, the team will also be talking about some of the most bizarre and funny facts they’ve come across since their last run. So what can you expect? Well, prepare for jokes and tales of Charles Darwin’s bassoon (of course), octopus genitals (a subject which certainly will make all but the most dedicated marine biologists say “who knew?”) and just about everything in-between. It’ll be quite interesting indeed.

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