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The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is fast approaching, with the August festival a huge opportunity for comedians in particular. Stand-up comic Lee Kyle has joined forces with a few other acts to try and make sure that opportunity is made the most of by those from working class backgrounds too.

It’s a lot harder as an act from a poorer background (which most North East acts will openly admit to coming from) to fund PR, billboards and the like, so to help, there’s the aim of a gofundme page (here) to raise money to print a brochure which would spotlight working class comedy at the Fringe.

There’s no charge to comics, and 2000 A5 16 page booklets are the goal, with anything raised over the amount allowing for more booklets to be printed.

First off, if you want to be in the brochure, email with the following details:

The title of your show, time, venue price link to Fringe page, image and blurb.

As well as a brochure, they’ve had a volunteer come forward who will be making an app and website that comics will be featured on for free. With the aim to go to print by early July, you can help by donating, sharing the project through social media or volunteering your services in any helpful way you can.

You can donate to the gofundme page here, and help give working class comics a platform at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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