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Luis Bunuel is undoubtedly one of the most influential and important figures in surrealist cinema. Known for creating bizarre narratives in his earlier works, his films are both challenging and engaging, often containing an element of hidden humour within their decidedly off-kilter frames. L’Age D’Or, which screens at the Star and Shadow Cinema on Sunday 25th January as part of the Resounding Silents series, is no different.

Written jointly by Bunuel and Salvador Dali, L’Age D’Or is, at its core, about the insanity of modern life. Focusing mainly on the hypocrisy of the Roman Catholic Church, it takes a rather odd look at the sexual mores of bourgeois society. Yes, there are a lot of scenes of people with foot fetishes. A series of vignettes shows a couple’s continually thwarted attempts to consummate their relationship as social values continue to get in their way. It probably doesn’t help that the pair have some quirky fetishes (the woman French kisses her own father while the man likes to have sex in the mud during mass religious ceremonies) but L’Age D’Or isn’t exploitation, it’s an intelligent look at society’s taboos.

The film is being live-scored by Newcastle’s Noizechoir and Edinburgh’s SINK (making their second appearance of the week), bringing a modern musical edge to the early 30s masterpiece.

L’Age D’Or screens at the Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle on Sunday 25th January.


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