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The Cinematic North East Season started last month continues at Tyneside Cinema this month, showcasing the region’s contributions to film and media by screening films shot in locations across the North East. Of particular note is Ken Loach’s social drama Days of Hope, which screens on Saturday 18th, (part one and two), Tuesday 21st (part three) and Saturday 25th August (part four). The social commentary was originally televised in 1975, with each episode dealing with a year in the life of a single working class family with the backdrop of 1970s County Durham between 1916 and 1926. It tackles social issues from army enlistment during World War One to workers’ rights and the General Strike of 1926.

Days of Hope was so critical of the politics of the time that it was considered extremely controversial when it was originally broadcast. Its depictions of the army, the government, and the wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill contradicted the positive image created by the post-war consensus to reflect the growing disaffection of the working class during the decade. Instead of shying away from these criticisms however, Loach and the other creators of this series have since stood their ground to back up the views presented, which remain as relevant as ever. Loach will be on hand in a live Q&A after the screening on Tuesday 21st to discuss the series’ themes.

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