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North Shields is becoming a real hotbed of creative talent lately, and indie rock band Jango Flash are keen to contribute to the area’s cultural riches. The North Shields-based band will kick off a monthly residency at Three Tanners Bank on Saturday 1st June, during which they aim to showcase the talents of local artists, musicians and other creative folk. Here, the band’s singer and principle songwriter Jack Angus Golightly tells us more about the project…

What prompted the idea behind the residency?

Initially, the idea started as a means of honing our craft as a band, playing new material and expanding our local audience. But that seemed a bit two dimensional and didn’t feel progressive enough, especially when we have such a great space to work with. As a band, we have always poured our efforts into hosting not just gigs, but thoroughly thought out events that provide lasting memories for people who attend. So, with Three Tanners Bank, we wanted to put something in place that brought the arts community together on a monthly basis to support one another, network and showcase a range of disciplines, whether that be music, art, gastronomy, fashion, photography, poetry etc. 

What can people expect from the events each month? 

Every month we will be hosting a range of artists from different backgrounds. For instance, with our first instalment we wanted to open doors early at 5pm to curate a social space where we have local painter Anthony Downie exhibiting his original pieces, meanwhile North East DJ James Binless will be spinning deep cuts from his vinyl archive. From there we have The Peevie Wonders playing as our main support and we have collaborated with Two By Two brewery to put on our own Jango Unchained pale ale for the night. The whole event will also be documented by Chloe Dunscombe who is an exceptional local photographer and videographer that works in both digital and analogue mediums. 

Going forward, we will be utilising the venue’s in-house screen printing facilities to bring ticket holders small batch merchandise exclusive to each event. This is also an opportunity for future artists hosted at our residency to collaborate with the venue to produce a bespoke collection of work to exhibit per show.

How do you choose the artists to take part?

This first residency has been pulled together through local recommendations of people in the coastal community. Going forward however, with this being a community driven venture, we want to implement an open application process for people of all disciplines. From there we can conduct market research through polls to make sure we are being as inclusive, engaging and transparent as possible with the public. Our aim by the end of the year is to branch out into funding a national artist exchange programme, where we can provide opportunities for people of various disciplines to travel and make an impact in places where they otherwise may not have had the means to do so.  

Why is it important to you to be showcasing this kind of cross-discipline work?

As a band, we have all worked in and have respect for other disciplines aside from music. So, we feel it important to champion these as a collective.

I have worked in kitchens most of my life and have been a chef for six years cooking South Korean food. I have also earned degrees in both art and design and media and journalism specialising in radio. I later went on to curate and present shows for hospital radio across the North East and produce voice over work for the NHS. Ed (drums) has worked for over a decade in the fashion and textiles industry, travelling the world to study fabric composition. He has then brought these in depth ideas back to the North East, working with local craftsmen to create his own patented clothing accessory, Kampai. Jake (guitar) has a background of fashion retail and his family have a lot of experience working in the restaurant trade. Sam (guitar) has worked as a model for many years, travelling for editorial shoots and runway shows. He has had independent acting roles for national ads, written poetry for over a decade and has since been working closely with the local community as a representative at Three Tanners Bank. 

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