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I started all of this back in 2018 during a dark time in my life where I began writing and producing music, cover art and videos under the pseudonym Jango Flash,” explains the group’s singer and principal songwriter, Jack Angus Golightly. “I was just making music because I wanted to create and hear what was bashing around in my head all day, and no-one else was scratching that itch. So, initially it was never meant to be anything more than a recording project for me. After debating whether I should share anything, I began putting my music out to the radio and it was Nick Roberts at BBC Introducing who first picked me up and ran with it, so I felt compelled to start writing more music and form a band.”

After various iterations, the group now has a settled line-up of Jack, drummer Ed Smith and guitarist Sam Frame, bolstered by the two newest members, Jake Waugh on lead guitar and bassist Louis Gomes. Describing a typical Jango Flash show as “a lot of noise, passion and sweat”, Jack expands on the quintet’s attitude to the modern day music industry: “The landscape we live in now is the over-saturation of music via social media. Whilst it is subjective and to a large degree positive to have social media, there is way too much landfill music out there that people are being exposed to, but their short-lived success ultimately relies on money, timing, nepotism and box ticking. You can tell when someone ‘has it’ though, it’s a magic you can’t equate down to one thing, but it’s an energy that courses through everything they do.”

Thematically, I have written about love, life, death and addiction from a position of experience

Jack’s description of the group’s forthcoming debut EP sheds light on his motivations as a songwriter: “Our self-titled EP is really the first step into the world of Jango Flash. It’s a carefully crafted body of work full of life and intensity, both instrumentally and lyrically. Thematically, I have written about love, life, death and addiction from a position of experience. Ultimately, I have been as transparent as I could be with my lyrics and travelled through darkness towards a place of empowerment. I would hope that upon digesting the full EP that listeners can gain a sense of perspective about parts of their lives that they may be struggling with and find a shortcut to strength that took me a long time to find.”

Collating the three singles Jango Flash have released over the last nine months, the EP presents a distinctive and cohesive sound, while displaying the group’s range and varied influences. Tired Eyes boasts an explosive chorus, set up by a danceable, bass-driven verse; while the bruised but resilient Just a Game reflects on the trials and tribulations of everyday life; and the intense Killing Time addresses the subject of addiction over a driving drumbeat and a darkly seductive vocal melody.

And what of the group’s future plans? “We are just hunkering down and writing for now,” he says. “There’s a lot of songs that we are deliberating over whether they are going to make the cut or not, so the holiday season is the perfect time for us to practise creative consolidation. In 2024, we’ll be hitting the road hard and releasing a lot of new music though for sure.”

Jango Flash release their debut EP on 19th January.

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