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Kino Climates have been bringing some of the best underground and undiscovered work by European directors to the Star and Shadow for a long time, and now they’re honouring a man who has more than a bit in common with the Newcastle cinema. Across two nights, the Star and Shadow will play host to the independent short films of German director Bernhard Marsch.

Marsch – who is a prolific filmmaker as well as producer with his company Ramsch (literally meaning “trash”) – is based in Cologne and has made a large series of short films looking at the history of Germany from the margins. Mixing nostalgia with optimism or departure is a key theme in his works, which cover a range of topics throughout German history. Marsch himself is a member of a collective in Cologne similar to the Star and Shadow and, curiously, he is perhaps the only man on the planet who has been able to sell a porn musical to the French. That’s apparently a true story, and something that might be worth probing further in the post-screening Q&As that will take place on both nights.

The Independent Short Films of Bernhard Marsch will be screened on the Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th February.

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