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In the summer of 2014, Luke McCreadie and his crew carried out a utopian project in the village of Allenheads. The aim was to see if a group of amateurs could make a narrative feature film without using or adhering to the advice of the film industry. The result of the experiment became In Hinterland, McCreadie’s new film that screens at the Star and Shadow Cinema on Wednesday 17th December.

McCreadie and a crew of ten volunteers spent three weeks filming the project in a three-roomed set with a miniscule budget but masses of creative spirit. The resultant film followed the inhabitants of a small village at the end of a slow apocalypse going largely unnoticed (a metaphor for living in a small rural town nowadays?)

McCreadie programmed a series of short films to be screened before his feature, while in the bar space Kate Liston and Aaron Guy are presenting a moon-themed selection of music with live visuals. The special night will muse on the idea of post-human possibilities and utopias and should prove to be heartening for any amateur filmmakers.

In Hinterland screens at the Star and Shadow Cinema on Wednesday 17th December.

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