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Image: Jonas Staal’s New Unions

Themes of citizenship, identity and technology are rife in our day to day conversations right now, so it seems only fitting that a group exhibition at BALTIC entitled Digital Citizen, on display from Friday 25th January until Sunday 16th June, grabs the proverbial bull by the horns in discussing ideas of citizenship in the digital age.

Amid cries of ‘fake news’, our voluntary submission to Big Brother-style online surveillance and an increasing concern over the future of AI, the exhibition will ask poignant questions about our abilities to coalesce over shared political action and the role of community in a society where it’s possible to live a fulfilled life from behind a computer screen. Themes of transnationalism, activism and immersive experiences come to the fore.

Amongst the installations are intriguing works by Jonas Staal, whose New Unions (Third Draft III) is a map which illustrates the recent massive rise in social movement and political activism in Europe; collaborative artists They Are Here present We Help Each Other Grow, a video shot on thermal imaging cameras which follows the graceful dance movements of Tamil refugee Thiru; Kate Stonehill’s Fake News Fairy Tale film is a meditation on truth, lies and politics; while Jason Bridle’s Citizen Ex presents a thought-provoking installation on citizenship based on the physical location of websites we visit rather than our country of origin.

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