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Despite writing several books and plays for children, recording two live albums and winning the coveted Best Show award at the Edinburgh Fringe, David O’Doherty still describes himself as “the least famous person ever to have hosted an episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks”. Humble, ‘I’m just an average dude’ personas can be annoying as hell in a successful performer, but O’Doherty is so endearingly awkward that you know it’s no put-on. He’s also as eye-poppingly angry and frustrated with the world around him as many comedians, but hides it behind a smiling face and lilting Dublin accent.

Armed with his trusty Casio, O’Doherty heads out on his latest tour, the fantastically titled We Are All Lying In The Gutter, But Some Of Us Are Looking At David O’Doherty. If your funny bone is tickled by a sweet looking man taking out his inner pain and rage on a battered vintage keyboard, and listing the ways in which stupid things are stupid in a brilliantly articulate way, which never quite scales the dizzy heights of actual singing, then rejoice, as he brings “an evening of talking and songs played on a stupid keyboard from 1986” to The Stand in Newcastle on Monday 30th November to Tuesday 1st December and ARC, Stockton on Wednesday 2nd December.

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