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When Northumberland-based German-born dance artist Esther Huss heard MBF Prize winning song Bridges by Geordie folk artist Katie Doherty, she reached out to the songwriter, who gave her permission to use the song in her new dance film of the same name which celebrates common ground throughout Europe.

Interested in dance as a medium for connecting people from different walks of life, Esther’s travels began in the North East and continued across Europe with Portuguese-based production company Luckymatrix.

In each location, Esther invited members of the public – people of all generations, race, abilities and status – to dance with her for Europe, teaching them a short movement sequence which collectively formed the full choreography for the song. Each section filmed was subsequently edited together to make a moving and uplifting film.

Esther explains, “The most surprising people who agreed to do it was a group of ten chimney sweeps in Freiburg. They were young lads and could easily have been embarrassed but quickly they recruited more of their friends and performed it brilliantly.”

Released online at the beginning of December, the film will be screened at a launch event at Alphabetti Theatre on Wednesday 4th December, which also features a performance from Katie Doherty and The Navigators and a Q+A session.

Bridges: A Night For Europe takes place at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Wednesday 4th December

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