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Amber Film and Photography collective are to host a four day film festival with seldom seen documentary films from the 1970s at its heart. Film and history buffs will get a chance to revel in some rare footage captured perfectly for the screen, with North East history given an airing in a very unique way.

With the films honing in on the history of the Tyne and the people who have made their living there, it’s a crucial document of our region’s history, highlighting some very important parts of our past. Films to be shown include Launch (1973) on Tuesday 26th January, Bowes Line (1975) on Wednesday 27th January, Last Shift (1976) on Thursday 28th January and Glassworks (1977) on Friday 29th January.

With each film introduced by a member of the Amber Collective, with the background of the film explained in a short talk, alongside further discussion on documentary filmmaking and Amber as an organisation, this is a wonderful chance for to see the North East’s history in a special light.

Amber Documentary short film festival starts on Tuesday 26th January and runs until Friday 29th January at St Mary’s,  Heritage Centre, Gateshead.

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