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The awareness of the hype currently buzzing around Spielbergs seemed a tad lacking for their Newcastle show. Selling out in Manchester the day before and London later in the week, it was a little bit disappointing that Tyneside didn’t quite match up in terms of attendance. The worry here is that with poor turnouts, these touring bands might not come back in a hurry so, you know, use it before you lose it. Happily, you get another chance to see this superb three-piece at Hit The North in May. Don’t fuck it up because they’re ace.

With a ton of positive / stellar reviews for their debut record This Is Not The End, these Norwegian indie punks don’t disappoint live. They look like they’ve been living in the back of a van for a while and although they’re probably a little bit road weary, their tunes are as fresh as a lawn full of daisies.

Busting out of the blocks with recent single Five On It, you’re immediately transported back to the late nineties when Scandinavian melodic punk flooded into the UK. Remember DIY hardcore gigs upstairs at the Bridge Hotel back in the day? This was like that. And you remember how good those times were, right?

There’s a slew of tracks from their album including all the strong singles released so far as well as yearning, emotional album gems like You All Look Like Giants.

While on the album McDonald’s (Please Don’t Fuck Up My Order) serves as a natural breathing space in the middle of the record, playing it halfway through the set served as a bit of a needless indulgence. Beautiful as it is, it slowed the momentum built up in the preceding twenty minutes.

The good thing with Spielbergs though, is that it isn’t going to be long before another beauty rears its head – none more so than set closer 4AM. Vital, direct and full of youthful rumination, it’s one of the best songs you’ll hear this year and not only the best way to end your night, but also to accompany your drive home, your first kiss, the start of summer, the end of summer, and everything else in between and after. Awesome.

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