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 Post-punk influences and a stadium sized rock chorus typify the new track coming from Newcastle rockers Ten Eighty Trees. A frantic alt. rock banger, Casual Habits continues the band’s mission to produce catchy rock anthems. We found out what inspired the song…

“Whilst toying with the more synth pop and indie rock influences touched upon in the previous single Before The Fall, new single Casual Habits still felt like a curveball for us upon its written completion. Whereas we had meddled with more riff-based musicality to create a sense of intensity on past releases, here we felt we had successfully achieved that same Ten Eighty urgency whilst employing nuances more synonymous with pop music i.e. huge crescendoing choruses and rich harmonies.

“The song came together quickly against the backdrop of a cramped Sheffield bedsit, often lyrically mirroring the suffocating realities of this environment. Casual Habits touches on the desire to break free from one’s own vices and the variety of vicious circles that have come to define the song’s protagonist. We were definitely trying to channel some of the big stadium rock vibes employed by British bands from the 1980s onwards to juxtapose with some of the lyrical content’s more dour moments. Bands like The Cure would probably be an honest point of reference as I often find some of their most cathartic lyrics to be set to a backdrop of beautifully bold widescreen music. 

“Though we will likely stay true to some of our harder hitting influences in our future releases, I can see tracks such as Casual Habits tempting us to explore these more alternative sounds again to seek more of these grandiose results.”

Ten Eighty Trees play Think Tank? Underground, Newcastle on Saturday 20th April.


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