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Image: Club Paradise by Will Gorman

To my bewilderment, as I walked into Sunderland’s Independent everyone was wearing party hats. I never found out what this was about, but if it was because of someone’s birthday – then happy belated birthday.

Before Club Paradise could strut on stage for their debut headline show, The Timewasters exhibited an array of strong guitar riffs as they flaunted a lo-fi sonic environment. The duo had cheery banter, were pleasant to listen to, and came across as rather modest as they downplayed their debut song’s massive success. They also included some fun inclusions to their set list, including a cover of The Regrettes’ 2018 track Poor Boy, and a moment where the audience created the beat of song. With just vocals, a tambourine and two dozen or so people clapping in time, the band created a fully realised song – incredible to watch.

Also featured in the line-up were Sunderland legends, Plastic Glass. The four-piece immediately roared, blasting their sound across the room, and testing Independent’s sound engineer to the max during the anthemic Going Away, with its huge emphasis on the drums and powerful riffs.

Front person Lewis Conlin bounced around on stage as the impressive bass work of Let Me Know kept the set going. The band also played the currently unreleased Champagne And Lemonade, a great teaser from the band. Although, I’ve got to ask, where was Come Clean?!

Not long after Plastic Glass left the stage, the intermission playlist suddenly stopped, and a TV style commercial started playing to introduce Club Paradise. It included a cameo from Alexa which went through each band member. It was a really well produced opening that oozed with character – letting the audience know straight away what type of show they were in for.

If the band’s aesthetics didn’t give it away, the show emitted a retro aura. Independent’s striking neon blue and pink lights flooded the room, matching the energy of the band. Showing off a perfectly crafted soundscape. Ryan Young’s vocals floated over the instruments, as his performance never hindered the thumping of the drums, or the groovy riffs, and instead constructed a different layer to these dense tracks.

The band presented electric upbeat banger after banger, taking in elements from synth pop, dance and rock within their indie rock soundscape. The night was a celebration of the anthemic new single, Colette, which was easily the highlight of the set; it’s clear the band have placed a lot of care into this newest single, and it was the song that had everyone bopping up and down. While I largely spent the night towards the back, blue pint in hand, it was clear from the dancing masses at the front that the band’s liveliness and spirit more than came through.

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