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Self-confessed “comedian, magician, psychopath, short term Nazi, long term communist, full time nihilist, part time waitress, often time American bad grammar user” Jerry Sadowitz returns to Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre & Opera House with his illustrious, politically incorrect presence on Friday 11th November. Despite this rather grand job title, it probably doesn’t reflect who Jerry really is, according to him we’re verging on a potential existential, identity crisis…

The American-born, Scottish comedian allows his audience a terrifying, lengthy delve into his psyche with a startling and unique combo of magic, inappropriate comedy and visceral hate. He’s known for his controversial, even inflammatory performances, which often see some walkouts. I spoke to Sadowitz about his audience’s reception and the responses he elicits from those who come to his shows, are the British too prudish about ‘sensitive issues’?

“The British need to develop brains before they can think about lightening up. And I hope they do it with petrol. Keith Lemon fans the lot of them.”

Some people take the view that Jerry goes too far with his stand up, but he has a fairly typical reaction to that: “I would contact the authorities to say that someone has escaped from a Frankie Boyle audience.” I did not respond…I felt it best to keep my mouth shut. I did however, make the mistake of raising Mary Whitehouse as a subject of conversation: “Funnily enough I was thinking about her the other day and how awful she was in the sixties and seventies…But oddly enough, she’s the one person I’d love to see brought back to life. There is far more genuine shit on the TV now than any other time in history. She would undoubtedly remove Keith Lemon and other non-talents, and campaign for TV producers to SPEND MONEY and make PROPER SHOWS instead of keeping the cash and puking out make-over programmes.”

Sadowitz consistently defies the realms of correctness, pushing (I mean bulldozing) the limits of acceptability of a somewhat prudish society. There will, of course, always be those in the audience who do not approve, and make the schoolboy error of taking on Jerry in a battle of wits. Jerry’s advice to me if I am ever heckled as a standup comic? It is thus: “Stick a Samsung Note 7 in their urethra, and charge it up.”

Too often, good jokes have been gentrified or diluted down with cheap lemonade by politically correct comics. We all ought to do the decent thing and see the premium Russian, triple distilled Jerry, live in his purest form.

Get your tickets while you can…

Jerry Sadowitz is at Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre & Opera House on Friday 11th November.

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