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Individually, stand-up comedians and impressionists Cal Halbert and Alfie Joey have proven to be very successful, though since they joined forces as double-act The Mimic Men, they’ve kicked on even further. Recently doing very well on Britain’s Got Talent, they’re gearing up for their very own show, The Great British Take Off, at Jesterval. We caught up with them to talk comedy, impressions, Britain’s Got Talent and a whole lot more…

How did The Mimic Men start?
Alfie Joey: Ask Cal!
Cal Halbert: I’ve always wanted to be in a double act, met Alfie on the comedy circuit and found out he did voices, I do voices too, so I pestered him until he agreed!

How would you describe your upcoming show at Jesterval?
C: A big buffet of impressions!

How would you describe each other?
A: Cal is a puppy who I am training!
C: Alfie is a wonderful comedian and one of my best mates.

What’s your favourite impression in the other Mimic Man’s repertoire?
A: Cal’s Trump is good. That’s his Donald Trump btw!
C: I love Alfie’s Andy Murray and Al Pacino.

What makes you laugh the most?
A: The US Office makes me laugh out loud!
C: I love almost all live comedy from amateur to professional – I’m regularly found at local comedy nights when I’m not doing a show myself.

What inspires the writing for you both?
C: New impression targets are good to aim for.

What’s the best thing about being in a double act?
C: If you do well you’ve got someone to high 5 with. If you die you die together- it’s like Thelma and Louise driving off the cliff.

Who do you wish you could do an impression of but struggle with?
A: Chris Evans and David Cameron are tricky.
C: I’ve always struggled doing a Simon Cowell.

How was Britain’s Got Talent?
C: We did not get buzzed off, and of course 4 yeses!

Has that lead to more opportunities?
C: We gigged with Ant & Dec, Shearer, Lee Westwood, Ronan Keating and Jeremy Kyle (I know!!??) amongst others! We’ve also been offered lots of presenting and hosting work.

Where do you both want to take the act next?
C: Vegas Baby!!! (You can dream!!)

What’s next for you both in the near and the distant future?
C: As a double act we’ve got more festivals and an Autumn show at The Stand. A few hosting jobs and I have my solo show to be working with to!
A: More radio for BBC Newcastle and event hosting.

Finally, any other shows, other than your own, you want to recommend at Jesterval?
CLee Kyle’s show and David Hadingham’s Happy Birthday To Me! Both fantastic acts!

You can see The Mimic Men in their show The Great British Take Off at Jesterval, Baltic Square, Gateshead on Saturday 11th June.

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